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Broadcasted to treat customers with honesty and create brilliance with innovation. China ▪ Jiangsu Sino-Ocean Valve Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. is formed through merger, restructuring and capital increase based on Jiangsu Sino-Ocean Valve Co., Ltd. and Binhai Wuzhong Instrument Valve Co., Ltd. A large industrial valve manufacturer integrating technical R&D, design, casting, processing, sales and service of valves established by integrating the long design R&D, casting and production background of Jiangsu Sino-Ocean Valve Co., Ltd. (established in 1987) and the rich intelligent instrument valve design and production experience of Binhai Wuzhong Instrument Valve Co., Ltd.

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Emphasis on technological innovation and talent introduction, with a group of experienced engineering and technical personnel


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The Zhenkunxing brand zone provides special materials and valves with specific requirements for designing, researching, and customizing demanding working conditions; We can collaborate on research and development to replace imported specialized valves, undertake maintenance of domestic and imported valves, operation and maintenance of production equipment valves, intelligent transformation of valves, and general contracting of pipeline valve construction and installation


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  • How do I maintain the gate valve?
    The maintenance of gate valve is very important to ensure its normal operation and working performance. The following are some suggestions for gate valve maintenance:Regular inspection: check the gate valve regularly, including sealing surface, packing, valve stem, fluid channel, etc. Check for leakage, wear, corrosion, etc. and debris blockage.Keep clean: regularly clean the debris and dirt inside the gate valve to ensure smooth fluid passage. At the same time, keep the external surface clean to prevent rust and dirt accumulation.Lubrication: regularly lubricate the rotating parts of the gate valve to prevent abrasion and jamming. Select the appropriate lubricant according to the actual situation and operate according to the operating instructions.Fastening: regularly check and tighten the bolts and nuts of the gate valve to ensure that they are firmly fixed and prevent looseness and falling off.Replacement of sealing ring and packing: regularly replace the sealing ring and packing ac...
  • How to select the appropriate gate valve model and specification?
    Selection of proper gate valve model and specification requires comprehensive consideration of multiple factors, including nature of fluid medium, temperature, pressure, pipe size, operation mode, etc. The following are some steps and precautions for selecting proper gate valve models and specifications:Determine the property of fluid medium: understanding the property of fluid medium is one of the key factors to select proper gate valve model and specification. It is necessary to know the temperature, pressure, flow, corrosivity, viscosity and other parameters of the medium so as to select suitable materials and sealing materials.Pipe Sizing: Determine appropriate gate valve size based on pipe diameter and flow requirements. Gate valves shall be sized to match pipe sizes to ensure smooth flow of fluid and avoid unnecessary pressure drop.Considering temperature and pressure range: select gate valve model and specification suitable for temperature and pressure range. Select gate valves ...
  • Why is gate valve installation important in industrial piping?
    The installation of gate valves in industrial pipelines is very important for the following reasons:Control flow: the gate valve can accurately control the medium flow in the industrial pipeline and vessels to meet the requirements of industrial process and conditions. Fine control of flow can be realized by adjusting the opening of gate valve, which is helpful to optimize the production process and improve the product quality.Regulated pressure: According to the characteristics and working conditions of the medium, the gate valve can regulate the pressure of the medium to ensure the safe operation of the industrial equipment. In case of pressure fluctuation or abnormal conditions, the gate valve can quickly cut off or adjust the medium flow, so as to stabilize the system pressure and prevent damage to the equipment or affecting the product quality due to too high or too low pressure.Cut-off medium: the gate structure of the gate valve can cut off the flow of the medium and ensure the ...
  • How to correctly handle common faults of flat gate valve?
    Some common faults may occur during the use of the flat gate valve, such as leakage of the sealing surface, jamming of the valve rod, and falling off of the gate plate. In order to ensure the normal operation and extend the service life of the flat gate valve, it is necessary to take corresponding measures to handle these faults in time.Leakage of sealing surface: leakage of sealing surface is one of the common faults of flat gate valve. The methods to deal with the leakage of the sealing surface include replacing the sealing ring, adjusting the compression amount of the sealing ring, and cleaning the sealing surface. If the sealing surface leaks seriously, the valve may need to be removed for thorough inspection and repair.Valve stem jamming: valve stem jamming is one of the common faults of flat gate valve. The methods for handling jamming of the valve stem include cleaning the valve stem, adjusting the fit between the valve stem and the stuffing box, replacing the packing, etc. If t...
  • Does the opening and closing time of the gate valve affect the pipeline flow?
    Yes, the opening and closing time of the gate valve affects the pipeline flow. When the flow of medium in the pipeline needs to be adjusted, the flow can be controlled by opening or closing the gate valve. If the time to open or close the gate valve is too short, the flow will change too much, which will lead to the pressure fluctuation of the pipeline and the rapid change of the flow rate, and may cause impact and damage to the pipeline and the valve. If the gate valve is opened or closed for a long time, the change range of flow will be too small, resulting in inconspicuous regulation effect and affecting the stability and production efficiency of the process.Therefore, proper opening and closing time shall be selected according to actual conditions during operation. For some large valves, electric or pneumatic opening and closing are required to improve the accuracy and efficiency of adjustment. At the same time, when adjusting the flow, attention shall be paid to the relationship b...
  • What are the common faults of gate valve and solutions?
    Common faults of gate valve mainly include the following aspects:Sealing surface leakage: sealing surface leakage is one of the common faults of gate valve. Possible causes include aged, worn or corroded seals, damaged or dirty sealing surfaces, etc. Solutions include replacing the sealing ring, cleaning the sealing surface, adjusting the mating degree of the sealing surface, etc.Falling off of gate: the falling off of gate will cause the valve unable to close or open normally. Possible causes include loose or loose bolts and improper fitting between the gate and the valve seat. Solutions include tightening or replacing bolts, checking the fit between the gate and the valve seat, etc.Packing Leakage: Packing leakage is usually caused by aging, wear or improper installation of packing. Solutions include replacing packing, reinstalling packing, and ensuring packing tightness.Jamming of valve rod: Jamming of valve rod will cause the valve unable to rotate normally. Possible causes include...
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